Video Game Music of the Week – 04-10.11.2013

Aside from Captain Tsubasa II and the Nekketsu games, another game I really liked back in my carefree days when I was playing my NES was Little Ninja Brothers. Come to think of it, it was my first traditional RPG, so much as Captain Tsubasa was, after all, a football/soccer RPG and thus quite different from the likes of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Little Ninja Brothers had mostly action battles (certain dungeons had RPG battles with turn-taking), but, other than that, it was a lot like those two, albeit with a much more lighthearted story. The soundtrack also had some adorable themes, and the one I’ve chosen today plays quite far into the game, when you reach the desert around the town of Chatzy.

Composer: Akinori Sawa
Game: Little Ninja Brothers / Super Chinese 2
Song: Chatzy Desert

Little Ninja Brothers (NES) Music – Chatzy Desert


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