Video Game Music of the Week – 07-13.10.2013

I featured a theme from the legendary Nekketsu series a while ago, and the time has come for a second one. This time, I’ve chosen one of the most brutal games in Technos’ most memorable series – the Nekketsu Hockey Club one, where beating up your opponents is recommended, if you want to score goals. Penalties were only given rarely, if your player gets mad and starts throwing punches. Bashing everyone with your stick is just fine, though! In one of the matches, you can even freely beat up girls.

I cannot recommend the game enough, and its music is a major reason why it’s so awesome. The theme I’ve chosen plays during the semifinal match against the Shitennouji Hockey Club, and contains a pretty epic and inspiring part making it my favourite in the game.

Composer: Kazuo Sawa
Game: Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantou
Song: Shitennouji Hockey Bu

Ike Ike Nekketsu Hockey Music 8

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