Video Game Music of the Week – 23-29.09.2013

A bit later than Amiga’s life cycle, in the mid and late 90s, the vehicular combat genre became quite popular. Carmageddon was one of the most famous games in it, but today I’ll turn your attention to another representative, Interstate ’76. Taking place in 1976 as the title suggests, the game features not just cars, but also funky music typical of the 70s. Between Life and Games forum user MegaSaurusRex was the one who suggested this particular theme, Never Get Outta the Car.

Composer: Arion Salazar a.k.a. “Bullmark”
Game: Interstate ’76
Song: Never Get Outta the Car

28. Never Get Outta the Car – (Interstate '76 Original Game Soundtrack) [PC]

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