Video Game Music of the Week – 15-21.07.2013

A bit earlier, before I got my Mega Drive, I accidentally came across a rather simple and easy to break football/soccer simulation game by EA Victor (Japanese branch of EA at the time) on the NES. It was about the then new and mysterious J-League, which had come to my attention for the first time when Gary Lineker went to play for Nagoya Grampus Eight. You could only pick among J-League teams, and all of them had animal mascots. I said the game was easy to break because there was a way to always score – lobbing the ball over the goalkeeper from right in front of the penalty area. I recorded wins of 22:0 and 23:1 that way… Anyway, the game also had a GREAT soundtrack. And I’m sharing my favourite song today – the title theme.

Composers: Shigenori Masuko, Yoko Suzuki
Game: J-League Winning Goal
Song: Title

J-League Winning Goal OST – Title

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