Video Game Music of the Week – 08-14.04.2013

The Mega Drive was a really amazing console, and Castlevania wasn’t the only third-party game that rocked. The much smaller then Electronic Arts released a series of three awesome games on the system, called Road Rash. The theme was simple – motorcycle racing, you had to win those races, make cash and buy better bikes with it – so that you can win that harder races that come later. You could steal weapons from the other bikers and use them to make their lives hell. Races were, of course, illegal, and you could get smashed by a car, or get arrested by the patrolling police officers. The three were among the most fun 16-bit games… And every next iteration was better.

The music was quite rad, too. This week, I’ll share with you one of the best themes from the third game, which played during the race taking place in Brazil. Enjoy!

Composers: Michael Bartlow, Ron Hubbard
Game: Road Rash 3
Song: Brazil Stage

Road Rash 3 – Brazil [Genesis] Music

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