Video Game Music of the Week – 01-07.04.2013

Konami’s Castlevania was quite glorious in the 16-bit era, with a really strong entry also appearing on SNES’ competitor, the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. It was called The New Generation (Bloodlines in North America), and, interestingly, featured two characters you could choose from, just one of them, John Morris, being a Belmont copy (and descendant). The other, Eric Lecarde, sports the Alucard Spear instead of a Vampire Killer, and has a rather different play style. The New Generation was one of the best games in the rich and wonderful Mega Drive library, and its soundtrack was also stellar, among the best in the series. The song I’ve chosen for this week plays during the second stage of the game, and is called “Sinking Old Sanctuary”.

Composer: Michiru Yamane
Game: Castlevania: The New Generation/Bloodlines
Song: Sinking Old Sanctuary

Castlevania Bloodlines – Stage 2 [Genesis] Music

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