Video Game Music of the Week – 09-15.10.2017

Ridge Racer 6 was an Xbox 360 exclusive. Microsoft’s consoles traditionally don’t do well in Japan, and even the attempts to win over some Japanese gamers with JRPG exclusives like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey fell very short… Anyway, Namco is hardly a company to refuse some nice money, whether they come from sales or a deal directly with the publisher. Well, Ridge Racer 7 came a year later to PS3, which is an improved version of 6, so yeah… At the end, it was win-win.

The soundtrack is cool as usual, and I picked “Ultra Cruise” for this week.

Composer: Tetsukazu Nakanishi
Game: Ridge Racer 6
Song: Ultra Cruise

Ridge Racer 6 Soundtrack – 10 – Ultra Cruise

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