Video Game Music of the Week – 22-28.10.2012

There is one superhero I simply cannot ignore in this mini-series. One that originated in games, and subsequently even got his own cartoon! It’s Earthworm Jim, the amazing creation of Shiny Entertainment, and one of the staples of the 16-bit era, at least for me. With its incredible humour and charm, Earthworm Jim achieved a level of characterisation few games had by then. I wish there were more games like it, but some things are really, sadly “once in a lifetime.” At least there is still some hope for a new Jim game, and even though the first two pieces of brilliance were followed up by the mediocre 3D version, the creators just might give us something great again. Anyway, the Earthworm Jim song I picked today is surely familiar to anyone who’s booted it at least once – it’s New Junk City.

Composers: Mark Miller; Tommy Tallarico (SEGA/Mega CD arrangement)
Game: Earthworm Jim: Special Edition (SEGA/Mega CD)
Song: New Junk City

Earthworm Jim: Special Edition – New Junk City [Sega CD] Music

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