Video Game Music of the Week – 28.11-04.12.2016

While N64, like any console ever, wasn’t known for its RTS games (StarCraft 64 being particularly laughable in comparison to the real deal), PC was, is, and will be king of the genre. While shy of being the very first, Westwood’s Dune II, followed by the Command & Conquer series, practically made the genre what it is… Shame that the series had to go down in flames like that several years ago.

The Red Alert series is a fun spinoff about Earth’s superpowers duking it out instead of the GDI and Nod. It also has some excellent themes, and of course, it’s none other than Hell March that I’m featuring here – the second version, to be exact. I hope you like it! :)

Composer: Frank Klepacki
Game: Red Alert 2
Song: Hell March 2

Red Alert 2 – Hell March 2

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