Video Game Music of the Week – 17-23.10.2016

This week, in line with the samurai series, we remember the amazing fighting game Samurai Shodown by SNK… I’ve already featured my favourite theme for the first game, but today, it’s the second one – which is actually my favourite game in the series. It features several new characters alongside the classic ones, and the evil samurai Genjuro is by far my favourite… But it’s not his theme I’ve chosen to feature today. Instead, it’s the theme of the match judge, Kuroko, who appears as a secret boss challenge occasionally. He is truly an enigma, showcasing unexpected power, and featuring many moves players are familiar with from other SNK titles. I hope you like his theme at least as much as I do! :)

Composer: SNK Sound Team
Game: Samurai Shodown II
Song: Six Sentences

Stage of Kuroko – Six Sentences

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