Video Game Music of the Week – 08-14.10.2012

Spider-Man’s NES game was not quite top-notch quality, but another Marvel hero, Captain America, had an awesome entry on the 8-bit system, created by Data East. Iron Man and Vision had been kidnapped by The Mandarin, so it was up to Cap and Hawkeye to save their Avengers teammates. It was a relatively long and considerably difficult game, the last couple of battles being especially excruciating. The coolest part was probably the ability to switch between Captain America and Hawkeye once you passed the same level with both in succession. Anyway, Hawkeye’s theme was my favourite from the game.

Composer: Momoi Miura
Game: Captain America and the Avengers (NES)
Song: Hawkeye’s Theme

captain america and the avengers NES music hawkeye theme

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