Video Game Music of the Week – 04-10.01.2016

Happy New Year! May 2016 bring you many amazing gaming memories…

We’re starting by continuing the Rare theme… This time with a game of theirs that mattered much more in the big picture of the game industry than Viva Piñata… The first game in the series that turned around the epic SNES vs. SEGA Genesis 16-bit war in the US. Donkey Kong Country is a game I’ve only briefly played, and never actually beaten… Maybe that’ll be corrected one day. But one thing I can more easily appreciate is its soundtrack. The theme I chose today is the serene “Aquatic Ambiance”, whose sound is quite true to its name.

Composer: David Wise
Game: Donkey Kong Country
Song: Aquatic Ambiance

Donkey Kong Country OST 9 Aquatic Ambiance

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