Video Game Music of the Week – 16-22.11.2015

This week’s music was suggested by our forum user Renna, and actually comes from a game on a system that hasn’t been featured so far – Hudson and NEC’s PC Engine, known as “TurboGrafx-16” in North America. The game it comes from is also quite interesting – Star Parodier is a vertical shooter which is a parody of Hudson’s Star Soldier series, featuring a gigantic Bomberman mecha, as well as a PC Engine one (shooting CDs and HuCards) alongside the more traditional Paro Caesar spacecraft.

I have to shamefully admit – I’ve never played a PC Engine game… Only ports of such games, for example Bonk’s Adventure on NES. Anyway, back on topic – today’s song is called “Area 2”, and I’m sure you can guess where in the game it plays from the title… I hope you like it!

Composers: Hiroshi Saito, Jin Watanabe, Shinichi Sakamoto
Game: Star Parodier
Song: Area 2

Star Parodier OST – Area 2

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