Video Game Music of the Week – 26.10-01.11.2015

It’s been a really busy week, but… Better late than never! This week’s theme comes from an incredible arcade hit that I never really got good at, but it was really fascinating nonetheless with its simple, yet addictive concept. Bubble Bobble is one of Taito’s biggest hits in history, and is quite the timeless game – even today one could have lots of fun with it, especially if playing with a partner. There are so many different stages, it’s quite incredible for the time. It became quite the hit on the NES, too… But the original arcade experience is always best. If gruelling and quarter-consuming.

The protagonists, Bub & Bob, are still quite popular thanks to another timeless hit they participate in, Puzzle Bobble – a series that still gets regular releases, especially with the rise of mobile gaming.

Composers: Tadashi Kimijima, Zuntata
Game: Bubble Bobble
Song: Main Theme

Bubble Bobble (Arcade) – In-Game Music

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