Video Game Music of the Week – 19-25.10.2015

The arcade theme continues with another game from the same small arcade I first played Thunder Hoop in. Pang (known as Buster Bros. in the US) was created by Japanese developer Mitchell Corporation which never got really big, but managed to keep making games and get by until 2012, when it sadly closed doors. Pang features a very clever concept that has been replicated countless times since – balls fall towards you, and you shoot them, splitting each into 2 smaller balls, until the smallest size where you can actually destroy them. It’s a frantic test of skill and I was pretty bad at it back in the arcade, but got much better later when the mobile phone JavaME version came out (but that one was probably easier, too). Another cool feature of the game was that it took you around the world with stages in places such as Mt. Fuji, Angkor Wat, Leningrad, Barcelona, Paris, Egypt, New York, etc.

Anyway, I’ve chosen the second level (each of the levels having several stages), Mt. Keirin’s theme. It is actually Tamayo Kawamoto’s second theme featured here, after her work on Black Tiger. Enjoy!

Composer: Tamayo Kawamoto
Game: Pang
Song: Mt. Keirin

Pang OST – Mt. Keirin

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