Video Game Music of the Week – 12-18.10.2015

This week’s music comes from an old arcade favourite of mine called Thunder Hoop. Despite its visual style being reminiscent of an anime, it’s not Japanese, nor is it American, actually having been made by Catalan developer Gaelco. The first time I saw this game was at a small arcade near my block in my hometown, many, many years ago… Its unique style grabbed me at once with the cool protagonist kind of reminiscent of Dragon Ball’s Goku, the hilarious monster designs and sound effects.

It was a very good side-scroller, somewhat similar in gameplay to Mega Man, I suppose. I was never really good at it, actually never making it past Stage 2 (not that I’ve ever burned that many coins on it)… But it was a game to remember, and so was its soundtrack. I feature the most familiar theme for me today, the one playing during the first stage. The second stage’s music is also quite groovy, but I’ll give the edge to Stage 1.

Composer: Joan SanmartĂ­
Game: Thunder Hoop
Song: Stage 1

Thunder Hoop – Stage 1

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