Video Game Music of the Week – 28.09-04.10.2015

As I talked with a good friend over lunch yesterday, the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed in Moscow came up. Jokingly, I wsaid “Yeah, that’s the one on the Tetris title screen!” My friend had not played that particular version of Tetris, however, and I had to explain to him what I meant. Tengen’s version of Tetris is the second most played one by me, first being one of those “brick game” handhelds I got by myself by saving allowance money for several months… Due to a rights dispute, Tengen’s NES Tetris was actually pulled from the shelves, and Nintendo later released a version, which was of course far less known than the GameBoy-bundled version the gaming world is by far the most familiar with.

Tetris is undoubtedly a legendary game, I still cite it as the perhaps sole example of a completely flawless video game… Back in 1984, when Alexei Pajitnov first devised it, it did not even have music, but this Tengen version has some really great tunes, and I’ve picked my favourite, Loginska, to share with you. While an original composition by Brad Fuller, it’s still in tune with the rest of the soundtrack, sounding considerably Russian…

Composer: Brad Fuller
Game: Tetris (Tengen) (NES)
Song: Loginska

Tetris (Tengen) (NES) Music – Loginska

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