Video Game Music of the Week – 29.06-05.07.2015

This week, it’s time for KoF ’97, and the theme I chose is Blue Mary’s “Blue Mary’s Blues”. Mary is an exceptional character in the King of Fighters universe… After all, she’s the one Terry “The Godslayer” Bogard, the unofficial SNK mascot, chose to be his girlfriend! Her first appearance was actually in Fatal Fury 3, but KoF ’97 marks her debut in the KoF series. “Blue Mary’s Blues” stands out as being by far the funkiest song in KoF ’97’s soundtrack, a soundtrack that also features one of the best “Psycho Soldier” remixes.

Composers: SNK Sound Team
Game: The King of Fighters ’97
Song: Blue Mary’s Blues

The King Fighters 97 OST – Blue Mary's Blues (Blue Mary Theme)

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