Video Game Music of the Week – 27.04-03.05.2015

This week’s music was suggested by Ertyu, and it comes from the sequel to one of the most controversial games of the seventh console generation, Final Fantasy XIII. While I, like most fans of the series, thought XIII was a pretty mediocre entry that was far from the best works in the franchise, I still haven’t played XIII-2 – a game I’ve heard good things about, and one most agree is superior to the original in every way. Well… I’ve played the demo (it was okay), and will get to the full game when I have the time to fool around with more mediocre games, but until then, I can enjoy songs like this one. Last Hunter is the battle theme in XIII-2, a relatively complex, interesting, and upbeat composition.

Composer: Naoshi Mizuta
Game: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Song: Last Hunter

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack – Last Hunter ~Battle Theme~ -3- (Disc 2)

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