Video Game Music of the Week – 13-19.04.2015

Just 4 and a half months until Kojima’s next masterpiece (and probably his last at Konami)… But it’s not Metal Gear I’ve chosen this time, it’s from another, albeit less famous series created by the man – Zone of the Enders. While it is much more of an action game than Metal Gear, and ultimately has simpler mechanics, Zone of the Enders shows the same love, dedication and attention to detail from Kojima that we are used to.

The sequel was even better than the first game, featuring the badass Dingo Egret in place of the first game’s protagonist, Leo, who didn’t appeal to the fans that much, but was redeemed in the second game much like Raiden was in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. I recently had the pleasure of playing through and beating it via the Zone of the Enders collection on PS3. The 2nd Runner is also where I have picked this week’s theme from – it’s the opening song, “Beyond the Bounds”, composed by Maki Kirioka and sung by Maki Kimura.

Composer: Maki Kirioka
Singer: Maki Kimura
Game: Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
Song: Beyond the Bounds

Z.O.E. Anubis OST-Beyond the Bounds(Full Version)

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