Video Game Music of the Week – 06-12.04.2015

This week’s music was once again suggested by Ertyu, and it comes from a very fascinating game. Midway’s Revolution X is the spiritual successor to the Terminator 2 arcade shooter – the one that has actual plastic submachine guns for controllers. It’s also one of rare few games that saw an actual real-life band write music for them, and also participate in the game itself. The Aerosmith band members have been kidnapped by the baddies, and the player must rescue them.

Sadly, the ports of the game weren’t very well received, scoring some pretty low scores. But it’s hard to replicate a game so dependant on being played at the arcade, with a specific controller, on the home consoles. Anyway, as expected from a game featuring Aerosmith, great focus is put on the soundtrack, and Ertyu sure seems to enjoy it! The theme featured today plays outside of Club X, where the player goes to see Aerosmith perform.

Composers: Chris Granner, Aerosmith
Game: Revolution X
Song: Club X Exterior

Revolution X Track 2 Club X Exterior

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