Video Game Music of the Week – 09-15.02.2015

Just last week, I started playing an amazing game I had long set my sights on, but hadn’t got to. It’s Namco’s very Japanese Katamari Damacy, one of the few games that show to such an extent the spirit of the Japanese people and how different they can be from the rest of the world sometimes. The game is so much fun to play, it is just wonderful, and so is the music! I picked the vocal song called “Lonely Rolling Star” for this week. Furthermore, as it is a song about lovers, it’s quite in tune with the upcoming Valentine’s Day, too. Enjoy! :)

Composer: Yoshihito Yano
Singer: Saki Kabata
Game: Katamari Damacy
Song: Lonely Rolling Star

Katamari Damacy Soundtrack – 05 – Lonely Rolling Star

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