Video Game Music of the Week – 12-18.01.2015

Last Saturday was the birthday of Ertyu, one of the coolest Between Life and Games forum regulars! With every next year, he’s getting closer and closer to a very interesting goal he’s set for himself in life – beating 1000 games. He’s almost reached 940 now! Maybe in just a year or two, he’ll be successful. :)

To wish him a slightly belated “Happy Birthday!”, I’ve picked one of the songs he recently suggested. Ertyu is apparently also a game music fan of sophisticated taste, as his suggestion is the mystical intro theme from F.E.A.R., a 2005 game by Monolith Productions (not to be confused with the other Monolith) that, despite positive reviews, kind of flew under the radar.

Composer: Nathan Grigg
Game: F.E.A.R.
Song: Intro Theme

F.E.A.R. music theme

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