Video Game Music of the Week – 29.12.2014-04.01.2015

As much as I liked the original Contra, its sequel is easily above it in terms of quality. More weapon variety, including my favourite “F” (Fire gun) which is a massive upgrade over the version in the original. I think it was in Super C that I once made a really huge run with 3 lives, getting close to the final stages of the game, albeit not actually beating it. I loved to play this game with my brother… Though naturally it’d often come to stealing each other’s lives when one of us ran out…

Anyway, Super C’s soundtrack is also superior to its predecessor’s. I chose the first stage’s theme this time, after resisting the temptation last week. They tried quite hard to make the first themes you hear in the games appealing. So this is the theme to mark the coming of 2015 on Between Life and Games…

Let’s hope it is a better year for gaming and the world in every way!

Composer: Hidenori Maezawa
Game: Super C (NES/Famicom)
Song: Area 1: Gates of Fort Firestorm

Super C (NES) Music – Area 01 Gates Of Fort Firestorm

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