Video Game Music of the Week – 01-07.12.2014

Today’s theme is by one of the most famous Japanese video game music composers, Masaharu Iwata, who is known for his work on Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII… But this is from some time before those games, 1991. The game is Robocco Wars on the Famicom, it was never released outside of Japan. I have come across it back in the day when we had plenty of bootleg Famicom-compatible systems here, and its music was instantly the most memorable thing to me. I could never make it too far into the game, sadly – like many other 8-bit games, it’s just so difficult. Anyway, only today did I learn that the great music is no coincidence, as it was made by a very talented guy. The first stage’s music happens to be my favourite, so I’m sharing it with you today. :)

Composer: Masaharu Iwata
Game: Robocco Wars
Song: Stage 1

Robocco Wars NES Music 1

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