Video Game Music of the Week – 10-16.11.2014

A while ago, we featured a Devil May Cry theme, and it was from the third game. It was naturally suggested by the biggest Devil May Cry fan on the Between Life and Games forum, Ertyu, who is, I’d say, also one of the biggest fans of the series and especially of protagonist Dante in the world.  Today’s theme was also suggested by him. It’s the really rad tune that plays at the end of the original game – Dante & Trish ~ Seeds of Love. Devil May Cry seems to have been killed by Capcom with the terrible Ninja Theory-developed “series reset” game… But I still haven’t lost hope for the series, and I’m sure neither has Ertyu.

Composers: Masami Ueda, Misao Senbongi, Masato Koda
Game: Devil May Cry
Song: Dante & Trish ~ Seeds of Love [Staff Roll]

Devil May Cry 1 Soundtrack – Dante & Trish ~ Seeds Of Love [Staff Roll]

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