Video Game Music of the Week – 03-09.11.2014

The Castlevania theme continues with an amazing theme from the second game, Simon’s Quest. I really liked this sequel because, despite the original being a total hit, it bravely tried a different approach which resulted in a fascinating, non-linear experience, a bit reminiscent of RPGs of the era, with towns where you could chill out and restore your power (at least during the day…). This different approach naturally makes the game the black sheep of the series on the NES, but that’s quite fine in my book. And the music is by far my favourite of the three NES games. This is the game where the series’ most legendary track, Bloody Tears, first appeared.

But, as usual, I am going for the unorthodox, and, instead of Bloody Tears, I am featuring The Silence of Daylight, the town theme. It’s the first theme you hear after starting the game, and it’s truly soothing, giving the feeling of security that towns in the game have in store for the player.

Composers: Kenichi Matsubara, Satoe Terashima, Kouji Murata
Game: Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
Song: The Silence of Daylight

Castlevania II Music (NES) – The Silence of Daylight (Town Theme)

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