Video Game Music of the Week – 27.10-02.11.2014

I’ve decided to stick with the Konami theme this week, but this time the theme is from the very first installment of one of my favourite game franchises, Castlevania. It’s incredible for how many years Castlevania has lasted, having endured many failures as it tried to transition into 3D, but living through a renaissance these days with the Lords of Shadow games… I’ve already featured three of my favourite Castlevania themes, but nothing from the series’ beginnings on the NES. Instead of going with the expected choice of Vampire Killer, I picked the original game’s second stage theme, the cool Stalker. Enjoy!

Composers: Kinuyo Yamashita, Satoe Terashima
Game: Castlevania
Song: Stalker

Castlevania NES Music: Stalker

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