Video Game Music of the Week – 29.09-05.10.2014

This week’s music is from another action game that is approximately as well-known as Resident Evil 4… Not entirely for good reasons, though. I’m a fan of Duke Nukem games, the platformers and first-person shooters alike. 3 years ago, the legendary vapourware that was Duke Nukem Forever finally got rid of that status and came out. The end-product was a rather strange mix of what it was intended to be in the beginning of its development (1996) and the inevitable influences of more modern shooters by the time it came out… This mix failed to please many.

I LOVED the game. While I admit the mechanics and graphics were mostly far from great, what I wanted from this game was mostly the Duke humour, and we got it in hefty doses. A lot of hipster game sites bashed the game for being sexist and such… It’s remarkably stupid to comment that way about Duke Nukem, the most obvious and over-the-top parody in gaming I can think of. Others just gave it low scores, but I believe it deserves more. Anyway, I pre-ordered the collector’s edition of the PC version, at a price that’s 10-15 times the price you can buy the game at today… I do not regret a single penny spent on Duke Nukem Forever. I spent about 50 hours playing the main game, the DLC and the multiplayer (hoping to unlock everything in Duke’s mansion), and I loved most of that time.

Speaking of Duke’s mansion, the theme I’m featuring today plays there. It’s also one of the catchiest themes in the game, and it’s almost a shame it’s in what’s effectively post-game content. But at least you get to listen to a really groovy song while playing around with your exploits. Enjoy! And do play the game, while you’re at it… It’s funny, and fun! Not to mention insanely cheap today.

Composer: Lee Jackson
Game: Duke Nukem Forever
Song: My Digs

Duke Nukem Forever – My Digs

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