Video Game Music of the Week – 22-28.09.2014

Today’s music comes from one of the most beloved games in the last decade, Capcom’s Resident Evil 4. A game that caused some controversy among fans of the series up until that point, as it deviated big time from the formula, offering a product that was much more an action game than the survival-horror Resident Evil fans had gotten used to by then… But it won the series millions of new fans among more casual players with its fast pace, action and flashy QTE sequences (the knife fight with Krauser being an all-time classic).

Ertyu from the Between Life and Games forum came up with this suggestion – the serene and slightly melancholic Save Theme. You feel at ease when you hear it… Even if the zombie hordes get you next time, your progress up until that particular typewriter is safe.

Composers: Misao Senbongi, Shusaku Uchiyama
Game: Resident Evil 4
Song: Save Theme

Resident evil 4 – Save Theme

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