Video Game Music of the Week – 16-22.07.2012

Sorry for the short delay in posting this week’s game music of choice, I was on a short vacation. :) But the vacation also gave me the inspiration for the song picked for this week (conveniently, it’s still in the 16-bit/Mega Drive theme started last week). ToeJam & Earl is my friend Ranulf’s favourite game of all time, and he got the chance to revisit it during our time together in the last few days. This game’s got some really funky beats, and I’ll share probably the most popular one of them with you, it’s called “ToeJam Jammin’”.

Composer: John Baker
Game: ToeJam & Earl
Song: ToeJam Jammin’

ToeJam & Earl – ToeJam Jammin' [Mega Drive] Music

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