Video Game Music of the Week – 26.05-01.06.2014

Tower defence games are usually entertaining, but ultimately time wasters with no significant value… One game came out in 2009 that was the big exception, in my and many other people’s eyes – Plants vs. Zombies. The incredible charm this game possessed managed to win me over when I almost accidentally tried it out on my brother’s laptop a few years ago. Not long after, I’d beaten the story mode, and he followed suit soon after…

Then I bought it on Steam and it’s recently become my most played Steam game, edging out Duke Nukem Forever… Though that’s mostly thanks to my wife, who’s been the one playing it recently, and actually giving me the idea for this week’s music. Only now did I manage to notice that PvZ even has some nice music. :) And my favourite song is called “Ultimate Battle”.

Composer: Laura Shigihara
Game: Plants vs. Zombies
Song: Ultimate Battle

Plants VS Zombies Music Ultimate Battle

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