Video Game Music of the Week – 05-11.05.2014

Folklore is an unsung gem of the PS3 library, by now defunct Japanese developer Game Republic. It’s in fact one of the very first titles for the system, probably the one that makes best use of the Sixaxis functionality out of all of them, and an early top title that remained such to this day! Sadly, it was never advertised much, never gained much publicity, but almost all the people who did play it enjoyed it a lot. I came across it by chance, while browsing the available demos on the PlayStation Store… The screenshots and blurb made it seem like it was worth trying out, so I got the demo and played it… I was immediately captivated, and soon found the game listed on a used game sale forum and bought it from the guy who’d had the pleasure to play that particular copy before me.

It was not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, the main problem being that you have to play through the stages with both playable characters, making for environments repeating twice (though, to Folklore’s credit, enemies were often different). But it’s a very fascinating, dark story, and the gameplay is lots of fun, especially when considering the aforementioned applications of the Sixaxis. Its music was also really, really good, with a real dream team behind the soundtrack – Kenji Kawai, known for his work on the Ghost in the Shell movie’s OST, Shinji Hosoe, known for his amazing tunes in Xenosaga II, Hiroto Saitoh, who’s worked on The King of Fighters 2003‘s arranged soundtrack, and Ayako Saso, who’s done Ridge Racer and Street Fighter EX soundtracks.

The song I’ve chosen is actually the title song of the game, and probably the one that represents its atmosphere best. It’s by Kenji Kawai and is called “To the Unknown World”.

Composer: Kenji Kawai
Game: Folklore
Song: To the Unknown World

Folklore Soundtrack: To the Unknown World

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