Video Game Music of the Week – 07-13.04.2014

For week 101, it’s Xenosaga again, this time Episode I. This first game in the series showed so much potential – at the time,  it was supposed to be a hexalogy, and fans were going wild over the prospect of five more such high quality games… Sadly, that didn’t come to be. Enlightened works are never appreciated by the masses, and Xenosaga didn’t do that well financially, cutting the six parts into 3 (and the reason why Episode III had so much story crammed into it in comparison to the first two)… Xenosaga never matched the amazing depth of Xenogears, but had some moments where it came close, and that is quite amazing in itself.

This time, I’ve chosen a vocal song – a relatively rare occurrence in the Video Game Music of the Week series. Joanne Hogg’s beautiful voice does justice to this wonderful song composed by the famous Yasunori Mitsuda and called “Kokoro”… The song is amazing, its text corresponding so nicely to the story of the game. It evokes strong emotions from the player, even if he/she does not feel particularly attached to Shion.

Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda
Singer: Joanne Hogg
Game: Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht
Song: Kokoro

Xenosaga EPISODE I – Kokoro [1080p] (Lossless audio)

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