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The Future of Gamingby: msgJune 23, 2018, 07:37
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    (Friday, Jun 22. 2018 10:26)
    If they play like that, Croatia can beat anyone with ease. However, Eastern European teams tend to underperform in the decisive stages (semifinals, final) because they lack mental strength. I’d love for Croatia to prove me wrong, of course.
    (Friday, Jun 22. 2018 14:44)
    Croatia are now my 2nd team
    (Friday, Jun 22. 2018 18:53)
    I’ll root for them for sure. Looks like they’re facing Denmark after the groups, they should take that with ease. But afterwards, it’s Portugal or Spain, that’ll show if they’re really ready for something big.
    (Friday, Jun 22. 2018 21:28)
    I just sold a mint copy of Resident Evil 2 for Playstation for £10. It’s worth a lot more but I need to start putting money aside so Claire can have a full years maternity leave. She’s only entitled to £145 a week so we have a lot to save up to cover her.
    (Friday, Jun 22. 2018 21:28)
    Besides, it’s not like I’ll ever play it. I emulate, I have digital copies.
    (Friday, Jun 22. 2018 22:26)
    Yes yes play the games that you want to play. I usually avoid games in the survival horror genre because they’re mostly about stupid zombies anyway and really badly lit. Parasite Eve though was a good game
    (Saturday, Jun 23. 2018 10:37)
    NHL draft was today, pretty interesting draft some players dropped that were supposed to be drafted higher. After researching who my team drafted my happy with the guy we choose. A big 2 way Right Winger, we really needed a Right Winger. He’s also a Czech, i really like Czech players, they have a good work ethnic.
    (Saturday, Jun 23. 2018 19:50)
    There have been some good Czech footballers over the years, Pavel Nedved was amazing.
    (Sunday, Jun 24. 2018 08:38)
    Claire’s family came over from Liverpool last night and we went out for an Italian. They were so drunk nobody noticed Claire wasn’t drinking so we never mentioned the pregnancy.
    (Sunday, Jun 24. 2018 08:42)
    Hey, you’ll never guess what day it’s due. It’s not exact because we haven’t had a scan yet but from when we think it was conceived it will be due February 9th. That’s exactly a year after Egg passed away. If I have a boy on 9th February then his middle name will be Ray.

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