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    (Saturday, Jun 16. 2018 13:42)
    My mate was in jail with him, he said he’s a proper nutjob and has a pet basketball that he talks to.
    (Sunday, Jun 17. 2018 11:56)
    I want a pet basketball.
    (Sunday, Jun 17. 2018 12:43)
    98 days
    (Sunday, Jun 17. 2018 13:51)
    (Sunday, Jun 17. 2018 13:52)
    I even have it on my phone screen to remind me it’s getting close :D
    (Sunday, Jun 17. 2018 16:01)
    The Nigerian team said because of their poor performance in their opening World Cup game they will give fans a full refund. To get the full refund all you have to do is… …send your bank details, pin number and they will transfer the money directly.
    (Monday, Jun 18. 2018 10:39)
    Oh shit you still do that countdown thing for your vacations? It will only make you suffer more and the the time will only feel longer.
    (Monday, Jun 18. 2018 12:51)
    Back after another busy weekend. I see Nod’s as enthusiastic about the upcoming holiday as ever.
    (Monday, Jun 18. 2018 19:43)
    I live for holiday’s. The pregnancy was confirmed by the doctors today and I’ve told my mother and she’s told her parents. We’re keeping it secret from everybody else though until the 3 month scan.
    (Monday, Jun 18. 2018 23:29)
    I’m reading a book in braille. Something bad is going to happen this chapter, I can feel it.

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