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Whats your latest purchase?
KlemoibPostMarch 26, 2020, 08:29

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March 13, 2013, 21:12
Very Hot topicWhats your latest purchase?

I had a psp. Though I thought back then the screen was fine.

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    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:39)
    Going back to my post a few days ago in the corona thread I think I said about 5000 dead in UK which is roughly a bad flu season which is exactly what I said on day 1. And about 1% fatalities. This is not going to be higher when you look at South Korea. Stop reading fake news that generates cash and look at real experts on proper pages. No kids have died no matter what you see on Facebook, all young people dying of it are fake or had cystic fibrosis or something. Just stop the scaremongering!
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:42)
    And fuck Africa, and Italy etc. I don’t care. I don’t know enough about their health systems and everything else to guess. All I care about is Britain and the figures here. It’s my economy that has to be rebuilt for me to have a good life, I have no interest in the rest of the world. Africans probably live closer together and larger families so their rate will be higher. Ours won’t.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:44)
    South Korea is doing a great job at testing. We should do the same after the lockdowns.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:44)
    She died of a heart attack I saw it earlier.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:44)
    Fake news
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:45)
    And yeah, we’re just days away from tests being available in the shops. But most people shouldn’t be worrying, just stay away from vulnerable and it’s all fine.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:49)
    you seem to be quite worked up. Did you block facebook yet?
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:50)
    I’ve had 3 beers, I just opened my 4th :D

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