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What are you currently playing?
rockshardPhDPostSeptember 28, 2020, 16:19

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January 6, 2017, 07:02
Very Hot topicWhat are you currently playing?

Lately I've been playing Magic Arena pretty much whenever I can. It's not the first time I've gotten into it, but it is the first time I've actually made purchases. So far I've bought the welcome bundle, the adventurer bundle, and just now 49.99 worth of gems. IMO it's a bargain compared to how much I've spent on physical cards back in the day.

My "quest" with handhelds has been winding down. I will still play the Switch but it's no longer an obsessive fixation. I'd mostly like to at some point finish playing the expansion pass content for Pokemon Shield. I also bought another 3DS a while back, so I should try to get some use out of that as well. But I'm still at a loss as to what other games are actually good on it.

Gaming is weird. Some publishers are content with beating us over the head with the same ports/remasters over and over. It's like I'm being shamed for not liking the game. Even when I do find a game to like, and get use out of my hardware, I am made to feel as though I am on the fringes because I had to go out of my way and dig for it.

Also wondering if I should take another swing at making an RPG Maker game. I had this maze game idea, which has no battles. (originally was going to be a minigame/puzzle in my Aladdin game) THAT might be worth making. Since it has no battles it cuts down on the least enjoyable parts of the process.

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    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 06:20)
    And the Dodgers take the lead! 4-3! Woohoo! Bye bye William!
    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 06:35)
    3 more outs for the Cowards and that’s a wrap!
    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 07:02)
    Booyah William! You are to blame for the Cowards Choking now! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
    4-3 game over Dodgers win, and they won the series 4-3 too! But they’re going to “choke” to the Devil Rays next!
    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 07:33)
    Praise the Lord! My curse worked!
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    Sigh the Devil Rays lost game 1 they better not mess up game 2!
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    It’s time to hustle!
    (Thursday, Oct 22. 2020 06:52)
    Woohoo Devil Rays won game 2! 3 more to go!
    (Sunday, Oct 25. 2020 07:54)
    Devil Rays tied the series woohoo! 2 more wins to go!
    (Tuesday, Oct 27. 2020 19:57)
    So, what do you think? Will Trump win?
    (Wednesday, Oct 28. 2020 02:56)
    His opponent is a much better candidate than Hilary was. And there’s the coronavirus fiasco. I’ll be surprised if he manages to pull out another win.
    (Wednesday, Oct 28. 2020 10:31)
    Well, I guess I don’t need to post a Devil Rays winning the World Series video for William now that the Dodgers won the Series. Good! Less work for me.
    (Wednesday, Oct 28. 2020 15:22)
    It looks like the Devil Rays manager Kevin Cash is the new Dave Roberts, pulling successful pitchers out at the wrong time. Dave Roberts on the other hand is grinning from ear to ear after recovering from the NLCS Game 1 disaster against the Cowards.
    (Wednesday, Oct 28. 2020 15:56)
    Well since you asked Vlado. There’s very bad news for Trump today “Thousands of Trump supporters stuck on freezing cold Omaha airfield after rally”
    Yeah, Trump needs to get his act together. He is responsible for any deaths or illnesses as a result of such a poorly planned campaign event.
    (Wednesday, Oct 28. 2020 15:59)
    Ok so they were complaining about Biden mostly “hiding in a basement” since Kung Flu started but least he isn’t doing stupid shit like letting the elderly freeze at rallies or having some of big name supporters get Kung Flu and then die as a result of attending one of his rallies. Sure, it’s great, you’re campaigning and having rallies. Woohoo Trump. At least make sure your rally participants are safe and well taken care of in the event environment.
    (Wednesday, Oct 28. 2020 16:02)
    I see the election result as a toss up and I’m going to ask the question does it really matter who wins. They’re both old and they both have made very bad moves in the past. Just be prepared for any and all outcomes.
    (Wednesday, Oct 28. 2020 16:11)
    I don’t know. Maybe I’m reacting to a biased article? After all, you could spin it and say Donald Trump braves the winter cold to see his supporters in late night rally. Nah, they still should have planned the event better, especially in Wintertime. How are those sick and old people going to vote now that they’re in the hospital.
    (Wednesday, Oct 28. 2020 16:30)
    That kind of stunt reminds me of that time one of those Satanist bands played and the whole burning got burnt down roasting the attendees into the fires of hell for eternity all because they set off some pyrotechnics improperly. Well that’s what they deserved for worshipping the devil.
    (Thursday, Oct 29. 2020 06:08)
    “and I’m going to ask the question does it really matter who wins.” Well, an ideological war is being decided.
    (Thursday, Oct 29. 2020 06:09)
    And it also decides which side will protest/riot. :p
    (Thursday, Oct 29. 2020 15:52)
    4 years ago people perceived the left as becoming too radical. Now we get to see if america changed its mind after experiencing what a Trump presidency is like.

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