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The dopamine feedback loop topic!
BlackscarPostMarch 16, 2018, 13:01

Big Boss
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February 17, 2017, 03:59
Normal topicThe dopamine feedback loop topic!

Exploding enemies that fart out jewels and gems in games like Ys Origin -> dopamine feedback loop
Temporary/time-limited boosts that encourage you to play the game faster and kill enemies faster -> dopamine feedback loop
crazy and idiotic NES/SNES/MD/Genesis and other old games speedrunners -> dopamine feedback loop

O yes, I can see the temptation of trying to be the best speedrunner/world recordholder in any particular game. There's one I'm going for myself but it aint no speedrun :lol:

Still think it's crazy

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    (Sunday, Feb 17. 2019 18:31)
    why am i gettingno views on my youtube page
    (Tuesday, Feb 19. 2019 13:32)
    Hmm, that’s strange. Could they have censored you?
    (Wednesday, Feb 20. 2019 01:04)
    no the page is still there
    (Wednesday, Feb 20. 2019 12:25)
    Yeah, but maybe they restricted your appearance on related videos, channels, etc.
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    ok then what ever i have been getting views
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    well this is it the big week soon ill be off to spring training baseball then we movie arizona
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    my youtube pge is the ertyu0078 so get used to it
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    When does Spring Training start?
    (Friday, Mar 1. 2019 22:07)
    its already strated now there re games on the tv ill be going on the 4th an ill be back on the 11th
    (Wednesday, Mar 20. 2019 22:47)
    Are you back yet?

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