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Marketing gimmicks by Electronic Arts customer support
BlackscarPostJuly 9, 2017, 18:33

Big Boss
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February 17, 2017, 03:59
Normal topicMarketing gimmicks by Electronic Arts customer support

So I was trying to play the CD version of SimCity4 on Windows 10 but I couldn't get it to work because Windows10 doesn't have a file/system that SimCity4 needs to work with their legacy DRM.

I checked a couple of support threads and they said that Electronic Arts (EA) would give u a digital version of the game (that would work with Windows10) if you signed up for their Origin service and chatted with customer support.

I chatted with their support and told their first agent that I wanted to get SimCity4 to work on Windows10. He said he would help, asked for verification, and then added SimCity to my Origin game library. I thought that was it but after i closed the chat session i realized that he added SimCity (2013) to my account instead of SimCity4. And I told him at least two times in the chat that I wanted SimCity4.

So I thought, what should I do, go along with their error and download, install and play the newer game or get them to fix their mistake. I decided to contact their support team again and the second agent "replaced" the newer SimCity with the older SimCity4 which is what I wanted them to do in the first place.

Now I'm wondering if that error was actually a marketing gimmick to get me interested in buying SimCity 2013 or its various expansions/editions. I would have been stuck in the same situation if I went ahead and played the wrong game they added. I would have to get another copy of SimCity4 because it would be too questionable for me to contact support 10 days instead of 10 minutes later to get them to fix their error. Furthermore, there are still other expansions/add-ons for SimCity 2013 to buy along with the base game or even the digital deluxe edition (which is the one they added at first and then replaced with SimCity4).

I'm probably overthinking the whole deal. If SimCity4 is good then of course I'd be willing to try out the newer stuff.

But the whole point of my rant is that errors can lead to additional errors/corrections/purchases/time/money spent. Just like when you order the wrong food at the restaurant or when the waiter brings you the wrong food (but maybe you still like it). :lol:

VladoPostJuly 10, 2017, 12:33

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March 12, 2013, 21:40
Normal topicMarketing gimmicks by Electronic Arts customer support

Yeah... It was probably just a mistake, but the possibility it was intentional still exists. You can't really tell with such big companies.


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