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The Future of Gamingby: KlemoibJune 22, 2018, 05:58
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    (Wednesday, Jun 20. 2018 07:24)
    As for informing relatives and friends about babies, we also didn’t tell them until things were confirmed to be stable enough.
    (Wednesday, Jun 20. 2018 07:25)
    Of course someone had to have reported him for such things though, or one of the moderators on board 8 got sick of it all.
    (Wednesday, Jun 20. 2018 07:28)
    Ertyu brings it all on himself, he doesn’t need to be tricked.
    (Wednesday, Jun 20. 2018 07:50)
    All of his topics there are gone and he made quite a lot of them so he was probably mass-marked. My guess is he’ll be back on board 8 soon enough (after the cooloff period for new accounts). He’s probably not coming back here cuz he’s too lazy to troubleshoot his Internet issues and keeps telling Vlado to “fix your boards”.
    (Wednesday, Jun 20. 2018 08:02)
    It’s for the best. The only way he’ll learn is if his actions have consequences, one day he might just realise he’s the issue.
    (Thursday, Jun 21. 2018 08:50)
    is that picture really ertyu?
    (Thursday, Jun 21. 2018 10:50)
    What a boring day yesterday’s World Cup day was.
    (Thursday, Jun 21. 2018 10:51)
    Klem, yes, that’s him.
    (Thursday, Jun 21. 2018 23:15)
    Croatia weren’t boring, they looked superb! They have the teamwork and tactics perfect, I think they’re a threat to anybody. Semi finals is realistic.
    (Friday, Jun 22. 2018 06:00)
    He’s got that rapist moustache and glasses thing going on. That’s pretty stylish.

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