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    (Sunday, Nov 19. 2017 04:00)
    plus you tell them people on gmefqs im not giving up on mss effect im even it now thow i have no idea where i m in the game now thow i cn tell you this much its getting werid
    (Sunday, Nov 19. 2017 05:02)
    i just passed feroes i think its world in the game i got chiment for that
    (Sunday, Nov 19. 2017 13:21)
    Freeze fedal aganets NCIS bang gose gun
    (Sunday, Nov 19. 2017 13:24)
    dam you people of gamefaqs for the last time vlado isnt ertyu0078 you on here know who i relly am like i said im not going anywhere n neither is this channel get used it ill keep the page in till the end of the world and all die in it see ya in 2018
    (Sunday, Nov 19. 2017 20:10)
    True, true.
    (Sunday, Nov 19. 2017 23:02)
    Freeze fedal aganets NCIS bang gose gun
    (Monday, Nov 20. 2017 00:53)
    hmm i wounder where do i go next in mass effect after this
    (Monday, Nov 20. 2017 09:29)
    lol at geat paul video i dont do cosplay viedos or reviews of videogames dumb kirby die you fucking dumb pink ball an woul pople want show off stuff they bought in store on youtube like toys
    (Monday, Nov 20. 2017 11:14)
    205 videos how spoucliuse is this valent bradley jmes im making everythng go no where
    (Monday, Nov 20. 2017 11:14)

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