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Name: Martin Green Big Boss

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I like cats, boobs and Final Fantasy VII

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    (Tuesday, Feb 18. 2020 13:20)
    You know what I haven’t done for ages? Insult me some Yanks.
    (Tuesday, Feb 18. 2020 13:21)
    I’m going to spend my free time inventing new Yank insults
    (Tuesday, Feb 18. 2020 18:05)
    Meh, I can’t come up with any Yank jokes. But whilst driving today I came up with some good football ones. I’ll post those on a football site, you suckers won’t get them.
    (Wednesday, Feb 19. 2020 08:56)
    ” I can’t come up with any Yank jokes” You’ve gotten old, my friend.
    (Wednesday, Feb 19. 2020 11:19)
    It’s because with UG dead my interaction with Yanks is just Rukk in here. And he ignores my movie suggestions.
    (Thursday, Feb 20. 2020 09:38)
    My guts nearly exploded earlier I had to pull over and take a dump beneath my trailer. I wiped with baby wipes. That’s from drinking a coffee that, I always need a poo after coffee. I shall save coffee for when I’m home from now on
    (Thursday, Feb 20. 2020 13:31)
    How many dead bodies does it take to change a light bulb? Not 6. My basement is still dark
    (Thursday, Feb 20. 2020 20:46)
    Isabellla hated me, wouldn’t come near me. I shaved the beard off and now she’s kissing me. Guess I gotta shave more often the boss has spoken.
    (Friday, Feb 21. 2020 08:37)
    hahahahaha! She thought you were some random hobo in her house. :-P
    (Friday, Feb 21. 2020 17:53)
    I just ate her yog yog for revenge. It was apricot.

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