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I like cats, boobs and Final Fantasy VII

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    (Wednesday, Apr 1. 2020 20:49)
    Yep, Hull born and bread. Who needs the EU?
    (Wednesday, Apr 1. 2020 21:02)
    The vast majority think Boris is doing great. We’ve knocked up a huuuuuge hospital in London in days all ready for it. The biggest criticism right now is lack of testing. Germany and South Korea have tested tons and they have low fatality rates so that’s what we need to do before anything else
    (Thursday, Apr 2. 2020 04:13)
    Holy shit Vlad you’re right Germany is smaller than Japan! :O I always thought Germany was huge.
    (Thursday, Apr 2. 2020 04:18)
    Its common when i watch YT videos about Europeans impressions of America that they didn’t realize how huge America is. Now i’m realizing how small Europe is lol
    (Thursday, Apr 2. 2020 08:36)
    I drove to Moscow once Ara. It took three days from Holland when we got off the ferry. The first day we got all across western Europe to Warsaw. Second night we spent in Minsk. Third night we made Moscow. Russia is enormous compared to anywhere in Europe, you can drive on the motorway for a couple of hours without seeing anyone
    (Thursday, Apr 2. 2020 10:14)
    “But Boris has being gifted the chance of a century to go down as legend. He’ll forever be known as the Covid-19 life saver now. ” huh? How so? All he did was forget to wash his hands and get sick as far as I know.
    (Thursday, Apr 2. 2020 10:21)
    Germany is still huge to me. but yeah. I’m used to small. I know how fucking big everything is in the US. I was in New York once and I just couldn’t take it. our largest buildings here are the smallest buildings over there. The sky felt so far away due to the buildings. Almost felt claustophobic outside.
    (Thursday, Apr 2. 2020 10:25)
    Also everyone I know who visited America came back at least 7 kg bigger too. I even heard stories about some random person offering someone I know huge turkey legs out of nowhere. Seems like you can’t not get fat if you don’t run away from food.
    (Thursday, Apr 2. 2020 10:27)
    Because he’s given everybody 80% wages to stay home and save lives.

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