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Name: Solid Snake

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I'm Aramonde(Are-ah-mon-day) from the USA

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    (Monday, Nov 20. 2017 17:36)
    dam you fucking cat salem go lay down leave me alone please and thank you what ever watching surviour series
    (Monday, Nov 20. 2017 20:42)
    he i rember this cartoon i just found on box the magician hes name is ace cooper
    (Tuesday, Nov 21. 2017 01:39)
    darn it now i cant disc out my 360 its stuck in the machie
    (Tuesday, Nov 21. 2017 01:51)
    for tommows video its butterbean vs paul speadfora in ko kings 2002
    (Tuesday, Nov 21. 2017 02:14)
    and heres some other stuff we can put about my channel im not no cosplay videos case that valent brdley james chnnel or character investion no reviews on games thats anrgey vieogame nerd movie reviews or talking in any of the viedos plus im also doing pics torndoman boxing tornadogirl
    (Tuesday, Nov 21. 2017 02:39) here were lso going to hve ertyu chrcter battles ill think of some way to have the contest
    (Tuesday, Nov 21. 2017 03:15)
    also tell them this if kirby was in any of my games he be killed by Dante to tornadoman fpr videos
    (Tuesday, Nov 21. 2017 03:44)
    and i got my xmas list made up
    (Tuesday, Nov 21. 2017 15:28)
    am it how how do i get this disc out of my 360 now its stuck in there an cant get it open
    (Tuesday, Nov 21. 2017 21:57)
    sory vldo looks like i have to get a new xbo 360 its broken thats my 4th one after 3 rings of death

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