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What are you currently playing?by: BlackscarApril 23, 2018, 10:17
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    (Thursday, Apr 26. 2018 00:03)
    im just not feeling vlado im on meds ill be here ok
    (Thursday, Apr 26. 2018 11:58)
    What kind of meds, I hope it’s not something serious?
    (Thursday, Apr 26. 2018 20:44)
    i have to go to the bathroom a lot im 40 years old now you never seen what look like as a norml human its only my high school pic from the year 1997 the year i grdultiled from high school
    (Thursday, Apr 26. 2018 20:47)
    so see im not not dead yet im the only one who shut down the channel off this compueter in my room where i m now and guess what its not going anywhere plus like i said before ill never tell anyone the password in the real world screw my dad we never got long anywys
    (Thursday, Apr 26. 2018 22:38)
    Maybe you could try to get along… Doesn’t hurt to be on friendly terms with the parents.
    (Thursday, Apr 26. 2018 22:38)
    Also, looks like Jill won, I’ll put up the next match.
    (Thursday, Apr 26. 2018 23:52)
    I put up Little Mac vs. Kratos.
    (Friday, Apr 27. 2018 01:50)
    what ever i all ready told i never got long with my father anyways he can die and route in hell
    (Friday, Apr 27. 2018 01:54)
    look you never meet in rel life anyways or even seen what i look like so why bother in the world your not not going anywhere in till the day you die
    (Friday, Apr 27. 2018 01:55)
    plus i took hes pic and ripped it up i dont care bout him screw dad

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