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I am amazing.

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    (Saturday, Jun 27. 2020 23:31)
    I wonder if Noah’s ark had big fish tanks for fish, sharks, whales and jellyfish? What about crabs? Something about this story smells fishy….
    (Saturday, Jun 27. 2020 23:32)
    And I refuse to accept that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights outside of Manchester.
    (Sunday, Jun 28. 2020 00:27)
    You know what else I believe too? We haven’t strayed so far from the animal kingdom. Our sense of smell is supposed to be weak but I think we can sniff out a good partner. When I first got with Claire I told her she smelt nice, I’d never noticed smell before, but I knew something was right. Maybe wd all smell it but thinking has overridden it? I say trust your nose. On a Tuesday morning with no perfume or aftershave does their natural scent smell nice?
    (Sunday, Jun 28. 2020 21:26)
    I just heard a great quote in a video, one I’ve heard before or something similar but it still rings true: “Brave people are just stupid people who got lucky”. In a lot of instances during war yes, this is true. It’s good to ponder, what is a real hero? Luck definitely plays a part.
    (Sunday, Jun 28. 2020 21:32)
    I mean, for every man that won a victoria cross how many died trying something similar?
    (Tuesday, Jun 30. 2020 08:28)
    Hey Vlad. I was just scanning the travel part on Blag and I could do a few posts about my trips if you like? I could start with Terezin in Czech Republic. It was an old Fort, then a prison where the man who assassinated Franz Ferdinand stayed and died. During WW2 it was a concentration camp. They won’t just be posts about me getting drunk :D
    (Tuesday, Jun 30. 2020 11:49)
    Heh, I got booted from another Facebook page. It was a fact about men 8 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women. I posted something like “cos women are in the kitchen making sammiches”. You can’t even have a joke online anymore lol
    (Wednesday, Jul 1. 2020 07:07)
    lol you’re on facebook again? I thought you were staying away from that place. Now the thought police will get you.
    (Wednesday, Jul 1. 2020 08:16)
    I deleted all my friends Klem, and now I enjoy it again.
    (Thursday, Jul 2. 2020 09:03)
    lol. So it’s like the old internet where you can troll everyone. :-P

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