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Name: Klemoib the Great Big Boss

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I am amazing.

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Last game you beatby: rockshardPhDFebruary 21, 2018, 04:26
What are you currently playing?by: rockshardPhDFebruary 17, 2018, 21:39
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    (Tuesday, Feb 20. 2018 20:59)
    im just getting tied of the game the final boss is unstopaalbe so moving on for now im plaaying lost planet 3 im up to the power plant in the game im not sue how far that is
    (Tuesday, Feb 20. 2018 21:35)
    I put up the new match.
    (Tuesday, Feb 20. 2018 22:21)
    oh great theres a ghost in my room i beter call the ghost Busters LOL
    (Tuesday, Feb 20. 2018 22:22)
    Captain N
    (Wednesday, Feb 21. 2018 00:28)
    what ever i bet you dumb people of gamefaqs love the fct that i suck at mass effect what eve mega man Xlets you play that gaame
    (Wednesday, Feb 21. 2018 01:23)
    maybe ill do viedo of me not being Able to ever bet this game lol mass effect
    (Wednesday, Feb 21. 2018 02:21)
    he gibbs lol Abby too bad she left NCIS now who gibbs going to bring Cofe pow too when he drining coffee in her lab just wht the fuck is up with my cable tv
    (Wednesday, Feb 21. 2018 03:05)
    LOL at aj styles says he thinks he can beat anyone in the wwe then why cant you beat Brock Lesner case he kicked you ass and made you look like CM punk want abe
    (Wednesday, Feb 21. 2018 10:33)
    Brock is a big guy.
    (Wednesday, Feb 21. 2018 16:47)
    so what no one can beat him not even that brawn strowmen

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