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    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 09:22)
    dunno maybe they’re easier to maintain over there.
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 09:23)
    Nah, they clean it daily. I’m more interested in the unlimited food and drink on offer, I always come home a lot heavier. Well worth £1500
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 09:23)
    I don’t go in pools much, I get out and see the island
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 09:25)
    see i know this lady she bought this property with a pool and now she’s filling it up with rocks and trash cuz it kept on growing algae it’s quite funny the baby ducks were swimming in it from time to time.
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 09:26)
    yeah sounds like a fun place them canary islands
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 09:30)
    i should have taken a picture of the swimming pool used as a trash heap. i think the plan is to fill it up with concrete and build a mini-basketball court but lol i gotta do it soon before they get that far.
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 09:41)
    I dunno maybe it’s a disaster waiting to happen. I mean they don’t have any basements but if they do this pool infilling haphazardly I guess it could cause drainage problems around the property in the future.
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 10:04)
    I’d never own a pool even if rich
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 10:09)
    Where are you from Cleo?
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2017 12:34)
    Today I collected a Maserati coupe. Not a bad way to start the week

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