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Your gaming historyby: rockshardPhDOctober 20, 2020, 17:50
Whats your latest purchase?by: rockshardPhDOctober 18, 2020, 17:21
Gaming News by: rockshardPhDOctober 16, 2020, 21:49
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    (Saturday, Oct 17. 2020 22:56)
    whooooooooooo check it out
    (Saturday, Oct 17. 2020 23:44)
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 00:13)
    That’s a better Shootbox. Now as for William. He is feeling guilty about the Ghost of Anabel, who seems to be one of the following
    1) a girl under 10
    2) a pet animal
    3) a video game character
    It is someone that he smacked with a steel chair for ruining his Bret Harte sunglasses. Maybe his mom told him to stop posting here to stop revealing more ugly secrets about Anabel. When we asked him who Anabel was. William just told us to shut up that’s my family’s business then he left.
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 00:18)
    So let’s have some #JusticeforAnabel #Williamthe3rdforPrison
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 00:47)
    Bye bye Cowards! The Dodgers are winning again today! Woohoo! 3-0 after 3 innings. Keep up the good work and no more choking!
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 03:09)
    Boom! Screw you William! Dodgers evened the series. Now Cowards go home and cry!
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 03:34)
    Go Devil Rays! Don’t let William’s evil Asstros win! Them cheats!
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 03:40)
    Devil Rays is batting second good! Defend and then smack down them Trashtros Cheats!
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 03:44)
    William is probley so pissed the Cowards lost today he jumped out of his bedroom window!
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 04:09)
    Woohoo! Devil Rays are up 2-0 go Devil Rays kick the Asstros’s and William’s asses!
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 06:11)
    5 more outs and the Asstros are Toasted! Let’s go Devil Rays! Make William’s Asstros Bleed!
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 06:53)
    Nighty night Asstros! Go cry with William and the Cowards. On to the World Series for the Devil Rays! ^_^
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 09:08)
    You get a fucking life pendeja! I told you William the Devil Rays were going to win. No way they were going to lose to Asstros.
    (Sunday, Oct 18. 2020 14:23)
    Yo William, since you like the Asstros and the name Trey so much. I made a neue nickname for you: Asstrey! Ha! :lol:
    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 06:06)
    Tie game 3-3 but LA Dodgers have 9 outs left and the Cowards only have 8! Let’s go Dodgers! No more choking!
    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 06:20)
    And the Dodgers take the lead! 4-3! Woohoo! Bye bye William!
    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 06:35)
    3 more outs for the Cowards and that’s a wrap!
    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 07:02)
    Booyah William! You are to blame for the Cowards Choking now! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
    4-3 game over Dodgers win, and they won the series 4-3 too! But they’re going to “choke” to the Devil Rays next!
    (Monday, Oct 19. 2020 07:33)
    Praise the Lord! My curse worked!

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