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    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 07:53)
    Watching Titanic. I reckon that band is only playing because they got the instructions wrong – A band on ship! Anyway, they got an icy reception.
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 07:57)
    Remember what I said about Facebook and having enough of people? Well Favslist is back up. But I don’t find time to visit, I like it here where it’s just me telling jokes to myself. Then every now and then somebody pops in to say hi then goes away. I should just make my own site.
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 09:37)
    just buy a mirror and tell the jokes to the guy in the mirror world.
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 09:39)
    A Dutch man does do speaking German in a do doing way because he probably was forced to learn German in school like all good doing boys and girls in Dutchland.
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 09:45)
    Guten Morgan herr Klemoib. Nodley also learned deutsch in school.
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 09:51)
    Maybe it’s because we live next to them and our languages are similar and we are essential budget coastal dwelling Germans.
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 10:47)
    The Mr is here to fit new doors in all the rooms in my house. It’s going to be like a show home soon
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 18:38)
    We decided to switch the bathroom door to open the other way so it creates more space. So then the light switch needed moving, and I decided if the ceiling is getting holes ripped in it I may as well get a new light up too. So today we only got the bathroom and toilet doors hung.
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 18:38)
    5 more doors to hang upstairs probably next weekend. Then we can start downstairs.
    (Saturday, Aug 8. 2020 20:46)
    Rukk, are you sure it was stored in a ship? Have you seen the pictures?

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