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    (Saturday, May 23. 2020 16:35)
    David Fletcher, the most British man that ever lived. For you foreigners out there this is what the older British are mostly like, he is the standard.
    (Saturday, May 23. 2020 16:53)
    He’s even more British in this one:
    (Saturday, May 23. 2020 18:30)
    It annoys me when Yanks say “we won the war”. No, you didn’t. And I think it’s ridiculous when people say the T34 won the war. Er, no. If there’s one thing I’ve studied and understand it’s tanks in WW2. Right, Germany made approx 5774 P3’s and 8553 P4’s. They made 1,347 Tigers and 492 Tiger 2’s plus about 6000 panthers. That gives about 17,166 tanks, and the P3’s were no good any later than 1943, technology had moved on.
    (Saturday, May 23. 2020 18:35)
    So these 17k tanks had to fight on the eastern front, in North Africa, in Italy, on the eastern front, in Scandinavia etc. Now listen to this: 44,000 T34s were knocked out by the Germans. That’s just one tank model. Never mind the other T series or any of the BT tanks, the KV tanks or the JS tanks among others. The only thing that beat Germany was sheer numbers.
    (Saturday, May 23. 2020 18:37)
    Gloating about beating Germany in WW2 is like a whole bunch of people going up to a single man and beating him up then gloating that they filled him in. It just sits wrong with me, I hate all this “We won the war” shit.
    (Sunday, May 24. 2020 09:23)
    Aya Brea is a gender swapped Cloud. That makes Daniel Barrett and Melissa Sephiroth. Maya would then be Zack. Now who takes the place of Aeris Tifa Cid Vincent Yuffie and Red XIII?
    (Sunday, May 24. 2020 09:51)
    Yanks never did anything except come barge in at the last moment when everyone else was tired so they could take all the glory and think up ways how to divide the world up in easily to digest pieces.
    (Sunday, May 24. 2020 11:39)
    All the Yanks did in WW2 was get rich. The British beat Germany in North Africa and the Battle of Britain. And Russia defeated them on the ground. The Yanks helped bomb a bit and create a diversion in Western Europe that shortened the war by a couple of years, but they did nothing more in Europe. And we didn’t even need D Day, the Germans would still need massive numbers of troops in France because of the Royal navy
    (Monday, May 25. 2020 09:32)
    There is a blackbird outside singing the game of thrones theme. He’s driving me crazy. Cute though.
    (Monday, May 25. 2020 10:19)
    My next door neighbour has a cockerel that wakes us up every morning. I hope the cats get that fucker one day.

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