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    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 17:15)
    They will, the local manager will read the article and my comment will be up at the top somewhere because of the likes. I’ve boycotted my local Sainsbury’s local store because they let 1 person in at a time. But we all use the same baskets and touch the same stuff. Morons the lot of them.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 18:46)
    Death rate is dependent on how we act. If hospitals can coap with the amount of people and if we don’t go infect old people and cancer patients just for fun, the death rate could very well be 1 percent and it would be great if that happened.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 18:46)
    If too many people get sick at once or we start kissing cancer patients the death rate could be around 10 percent though. It’s not a fixed number. We’re lucky it’s a pussy virus otherwise we would be fucked pretty badly from how retarded our countries handled this.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 19:55)
    I made a formula to calculate the price of my paintings. I also wanted to know the formula to know how big I have to make a painting to make a certain determined amount of money. I used all of my brain, but I could just not figure it out. Now I used an online math tool and I’m not surprised I could not figure it out. It’s way past high school math but I have the answer anyway! Thanks internet!
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 19:56) I wish I had this back in school :-O
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:12)
    The mortality rate is not below 1%. That is unsupported by current data. The Covid tracker says 28,967 fatal cases out of 629,627 confirmed cases. That’s 4.6%. To get under 1% you would have to have 2.3 million more unconfirmed cases that were all non-fatal. Unlikely.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:25)
    Blackscar you’re dumb as fuck. That’s confirmed cases. How many countries have tested nearly everybody? 2 as far as I know. Check their mortality rate, not the overall. Virtually nobody been tested in the UK so far. My god, it’s simple maths.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:26)
    Like I said, don’t jump on me now, let’s just wait. Then you can all apologise
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:27)
    We can’t see what the death rate is because we don’t have enough data. We do know though that there are a lot of unreported cases because of severe under testing (anywhere between 10 to 20 times more). Also we don’t know the exact death toll either. So any number anyone comes up with is just guesswork. Informed guessers think it’s around 1 to 3% if we don’t all fuck it up. And that’s all you can say about it. Nobody knows shit, especially not us normal folk.
    (Saturday, Mar 28. 2020 20:28)
    My maths estimates are saying about 1%. Very rough maths, based on data from the countries that have tested the most.

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