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Last game you beatby: rockshardPhDJanuary 17, 2020, 09:39
First-person Xenogears!by: KlemoibJanuary 14, 2020, 10:13
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    (Sunday, Jan 26. 2020 10:52)
    My breakfast still hasn’t arrived grrrr nod is getting hangry
    (Sunday, Jan 26. 2020 10:52)
    Greta is gonna get a right earful if this takes much longer
    (Sunday, Jan 26. 2020 10:54)
    I’m eating yummy oats. See you later trucker boy.
    (Sunday, Jan 26. 2020 10:54)
    When we visited Cala’n Bosch on the island of Menorca we found this little restaurant out near the beach down a side street. Oh my god, the food was amazing. We got to know the owner, his name was Charlie. We were all inclusive so got our food for free at the hotel but we ate at Charlies in an evening 5 days out of 7
    (Sunday, Jan 26. 2020 10:54)
    Laters vegan lady
    (Sunday, Jan 26. 2020 11:31)
    Fuck sake, my brekky still not arrived. I ordered it 100 minutes ago. I’m going to give them 1 star review
    (Sunday, Jan 26. 2020 12:49)
    It took 3 hours to arrive
    (Sunday, Jan 26. 2020 17:42)
    We went for Italian thus afty. Isabellla got wild boar sausages and mashed potatoes. Then we popped in a pub with a live band and Isabellla was dancing. I love days like today.
    (Monday, Jan 27. 2020 19:37)
    Claire cooked a chicken dinner tonight and I’ve never had chicken so good. The knife cut through it like butter, it was top restaurant quality.
    (Tuesday, Jan 28. 2020 19:54)
    Claire made lamb kebabs tonight. Then she made some sauce out of greek yoghurt and mint and we got wraps and salad and it was yummy.

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